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Our early learning centresWhat do I learn at KiNZ?
What do I learn at KiNZ?

Our learning programme is based on the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki which empowers children “to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.”  Te Whāriki (1996).

We encourage children to participate in a wide range of learning activities to extend and develop their skills and knowledge.  The learning experiences include: exploration, creativity, literacy, numeracy, independence, confidence, working together, sharing and social interactions.

Our high quality programme promotes and extends the learning and development of every child by focusing on their strengths and interests.  The secure environment provides one-to-one interactions, challenging and spontaneous activities, independent exploration and movement complemented by sociable, loving and physically responsive teachers. 

The dedicated staff regularly document children’s work incorporating digital photographs into stories, which provide a snap shot of children’s learning.  These assessments, which are recorded in individual portfolios, highlight children’s strengths, interests, and learning dispositions.

Parental Involvement
We believe in developing relationships and establishing a partnership between children, teachers, parents/whanau and the community as it is fundamental to a positive quality learning environment.  Regular parent evenings and family events are held to encourage involvement and we welcome you to visit as often as you like to spend time with your child and staff. 

We provide both formal and informal opportunities for parents to:

  • communicate with teachers about your child and share specific evidence of their learning
  • be involved in decision making concerning your child’s well being.

During your child’s time at KiNZ they will be given the opportunity to:

  • feel confident about who they are and develop responsibility and a sense of independence 
  • look after themselves, others and the environment 
  • work and play alongside other children and adults 
  • persevere, problem-solve and take risks 
  • develop effective communication skills 
  • learn about limits, boundaries and routines 
  • develop fine motor skills where children use their small muscles e.g. threading, writing, cutting and grasping pencils 
  • be creative and expressive through activities including painting, music, collage, movement, dance, finger painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and story sharing 
  • participate in gross motor play where children use their large muscles e.g. climbing, throwing, kicking, balance and lifting 
  • experiment with sand and water
  • develop early numeracy, literacy and science skills 
  • value mistakes as learning opportunities 
  • explore through experimenting, questioning, having curiosity
  • develop confidence where they celebrate their attempts and successes
  • have fun and develop a passion for learning and a love of life

On a daily basis the learning programme includes a variety of planned and spontaneous activities, small group and individual interactions, active and quiet, indoor and outdoor times.  Our staff provide children with an extensive range of high quality resources and educational opportunities for their journey of lifelong learning.

The portfolio is a record of your child’s learning while they are at KiNZ and the stories and photos they contain reflect your child’s strengths and interests.

The portfolio book belongs to your child and is stored in the centre where children can access them whenever they wish.  At any time you and your child are welcome to take your child’s portfolio book home to share with the family.  Please let the staff know.

We value the input of families to the portfolio so that the book is a reflection of the learning at home as well as what happens at KiNZ.  Children enjoy sharing their home experiences with children and adults and by putting home photos, stories and comments in the book this helps in the shared knowledge about your child.  We encourage parents/whanau to add to these portfolios as often as you like.

The portfolios are given to your child when they leave the centre.


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